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February 23 2018 06:08
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1 Nov 2017

Staff Profile - Terry Crabtree

Here at Alco, we like to give recognition and praise to our number one asset, our staff. From time to time we highlight a staff member at random and find out a little more about what they do, how long they’ve been with the company and what they think about working at Alco. This month we’ll be focusing our attention on Terry Crabtree from our Testing Department.

Terry joined Alco as a member of the Testing team in 2001. Within his role he tests all types of valves. Testing methods include hydrostatic testing and gas testing as well as bespoke testing methods. Terry explained “We are incredibly stringent when it comes to testing in Alco. It is essential that all our valves undergo relevant testing for the application in which they will be operating. We use the latest technology, ensure that all of the team are trained thoroughly and work in the safest manner possible.”

As can be expected, the testing department plays a critical role in ensuring that every valve that goes out the door has been sufficiently tested to make sure it lives up to the very high Alco safety standards. To this end, Terry like his colleagues has undertaken an impressive array of qualifications.

We asked Terry what the most enjoyable part of his work is “The most enjoyable part of my role is working with the team of people in the testing department. I have also enjoyed witnessing the growth of the company over the years and being a part of it. The level of growth since I joined in 2001 is astounding. I am also very pleased at the way the company invests in new technology to make sure our testing work is as safe, efficient and precise as possible”.

Along with all his education and training in valve testing and engineering, Terry has 50 years of Experience in the gas industry and a whole host of health and safety qualifications including BSTC, SSTC, FSTC, ASTRACK, SAMTRAK and ITIS to name but a few. Terry also has a diploma in safety administration and management and was even a lecturer in health and safety for the National Occupational Safety Association of South Africa when he resided there from 1972 to 2001.

Outside of the valve and gas industries, Terry impressively has an enormous amount of experience in various fields. Whilst in South Africa, Terry was also certified paramedic and firefighting advisor for the Pretoria Fire Department, and sat on the board of Medical Engineers.

Our Testing Manager Andrew Walton stated “Terry is a fundamental part of the Alco testing team and his impressive experience as well as his length of service within the pressure and safety related industries means that we are incredibly fortunate to have him at Alco. Terry is also instrumental in leading the way with the redefining of our internal training programs. With these programs we can continue to ensure that our workforce is working to exceptional standards and operating in the safest possible methods.

Outside of the workplace, Terry is highly involved with supporting the Revolution Showcorps band with fundraising and general assistance at competitions. Along with its 68 members, Terry’s youngest son also plays baritone for the band. Terry told us “Presently they’re ranked 11th in the whole of Europe (open class) and the 4th in the UK (open class) and also British Champions (age related class). This takes up most of my personal life and is incredibly rewarding for me. The band is also a charity because we work with so many young people”.

Terry is also an officer of the Brigade which aims to get young adults more active and skilled. At home, Terry has a wife of 51 years and 3 children, one of which (Andrew) works in the Alco QA Department.

We are very fortunate to have such experienced and skilful individuals such as Terry and it is with our fantastic team that we are such a renowned world class valve manufacturer with a reputation for quality and safety. We would like to thank Terry for all the years of hard work and dedication he has given Alco.

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