Manufacturing Accreditations




Our in-house valve manufacturing and testing facilities give us control over the full manufacturing process for our valves, and give you peace of mind over the quality of the finished product.

We can create valves to any design specification and with your choice of materials, within a very short lead time.




Product realisation & CAD

Our product realisation service forms part of our in-house R&D facility. This has been a key focus for investment and has made many of our new product ranges possible and enabled us to create bespoke valve products for clients with highly sophisticated needs.


Quality management of components

We use the latest technology and specialist in-house expertise to deliver the same high standards of quality management, testing and inspection for our components as you would expect from our finished valve products.


Experienced in-house assembly staff

Products are assembled by hand by our experienced, highly-trained engineers in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. We have high levels of staff retention and continue to recruit the best staff in the industry and invest heavily in their development.


In-house valve testing

Valve products are thoroughly tested in our dedicated testing facility before being sent on to customers. Depending on the product, they may be bench tested, or more extensively tested to destruction in our test rigs using cryogenic or liquid nitrogen testing among others.


High-intensity, accredited valve testing

If valves will be exposed to more severe service conditions, in-house testing can include hyperbaric, ballistic or fire testing among others, all without the valves needing to leave our premises. Our testing processes meet rigorous, internationally-recognised standards such as ASME and API.


Safe, secure worldwide distribution

All finished products are safely and securely packaged using foam-in-place packaging to ensure safe arrival and the right amount of packaging to reduce waste and transport costs. We make every possible effort to ensure that your valves arrive ready to go straight into service.


Timely delivery for critical applications

We can ship finished products to just about any location worldwide, and to demanding deadlines. Our range even includes a number of ready-to-go valves with next-day delivery to many parts of the world.


Valve Testing & Compliance


Testing Standards


Our valves are subject to comprehensive testing to ensure that they can perform effectively in the relevant operating conditions. We recognise that lives can depend on the performance and reliability of our products and have invested heavily in the best testing facilities to give you greater peace of mind.

Our extensive facilities range from simple low-pressure testing for our more basic valves, to our new shock-resistant ballistic test bay. This bay enables us to replicate even the most demanding service conditions, with pressures of up to 60,000 psi for pipework and 21,500 psi for gas and hydro manifold valves.

All our testing bays include camera systems which enable us to record detailed footage of all tests, from a variety of angles simultaneously, to supplement the detailed findings of all testing activity.

All of our testing activity is extremely safe and adheres to HSE (Health & Safety Executive) recommendations for operator safety.

Alco Valves Testing Includes
Ballistic Impact Testing Destructive Testing (DVT)
Fugitive Emission Testing Cycle Testing
 Fire Testing PR2 Testing
 Hyperbaric Testing Type Approval Testing
High/Low Temperature Testing Endurance Testing
Hydrostatic Testing Gas Testing
Torque Testing