12th May 2021

Fake Alco Valves Group Email Alert

We have become aware that a number of fake emails have been received by our customers and distributor network, purportedly from either Alco Valves Group directors and/or Managing Director. The fake emails have been requesting people to chat via a private email address. Do not honour these requests and please delete the email.

If you have been in receipt of such emails, it is very important that you remember the following points…

If you should become suspicious of any email purportedly from Alco Valves Group, please feel free to verify the validity of the request by contacting a member of the team or forwarding said email communications to itsecurity@alco-valves.com or info@alco-valves.com.

Do not contact the name/number used on the email, as some email addresses may contain an incorrect domain name. Valid Alco Valves Group email addresses will always end in @alco-valves.com. Hovering over the email address (or viewing full email headers) may reveal the correct originating email address. Some of the fake emails (when fully viewed) have been from @gmail.com, @yandex.com or @192.com domains etc. As mentioned, all Alco Valves Group email addresses will be from our @alco-valves.com domain. Similarly, check the name before the @ separator. Our email format is always firstname.surname@alco-valves.com. We never include any numbers or other characters e.g. first name.surname3.

We advise all customers and suppliers to consult with their IT or cybersecurity departments or advisers to ensure they remain vigilant and informed on how to identify suspicious email.

Other common indicators of fraud/phishing emails:

  • Poorly written communications with grammatical, spelling or language errors.
  • Phone numbers or email address domains not associated with Alco Valves Group. Our primary UK switchboard number is +44 (0)1484 710511.
  • Some requests may ask for a very short timescale – e.g. priority / overnight delivery/change of information/payment request.
  • Some requests use the names of senior employees or board members/directors that no longer work for the Alco Valves Group. Senior managers and directors would never be the first point of contact for such requests.
  • Some scam emails may be requesting overdue invoices to be paid or falsified bank account changes, address changes or (urgent) information requests.

If you suspect fraudulent activity, please contact us using the itsupport@alco-valves.com or info@alco-valves.com email address.

You can also report suspicious activity with Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime. The service enables suppliers to both report a fraud and find help and support. You can also get help by calling 0300 123 2040 to speak to their fraud and internet crime specialists or visit www.actionfraud.police.uk. When you report to Action Fraud you will receive a police crime reference number. Reports taken are passed to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau.

At Alco Valves Group, we take cybersecurity very seriously and work hard to educate our staff in such matters. We were recently awarded the Cyber Security accreditation which demonstrates that Alco Valves Group’s staff, policies, procedures, systems and network infrastructure comply with the UK GCHQ government cybersecurity standards.