11th July 2019

Congratulations to our Apprentices

We are very pleased to announce the recent achievements of staff members who have successfully completed their apprenticeship programs.

We are always proud of the achievements of our team including our successful gap year placements and apprenticeship schemes, with many completing their placements and then staying on at Alco long term, in full time, permanent positions. This year we are proud to showcase the following team members and their achievements.

Jordan Clavin has completed his HNC in Mechanical Engineering, where he learned about advanced concepts including mechanical engineering principles and materials, and computer-aided design and machining. Jordan has been working for Alco for over 6 years with the last 3 dedicated to completing his HNC, which is a fantastic achievement. Jordan said “With Alco financing the course and supporting me with the time to go to college, I have benefitted from the skills and knowledge from the course, which have gone hand in hand during my time at work. Alco have given me a lot of responsibility over the years and allowed / helped me to develop my knowledge and skills”.




Sam Walland has completed his level 3 BTEC Mechanical Engineering course where he developed an understanding of the materials and processes involved in the manufacturing of our valve products. This in turn has allowed Sam to be work alongside the Engineering and Sales teams to develop an excellent knowledge of our product lines, so he can work with our customers to ensure they get the right solutions for their applications. On many occasions these are highly critical applications, so Sam’s skills and knowledge are very important. Sam also completed his NVQ Level 2 whilst at Alco, and recently completed his Metal Technology certificate which provided him with the in-depth knowledge of the micro-structures of materials.




Sam Lane has completed his Apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering which he started in 2015. The courses included an NVQ Level 2 and 3 and Level 2 and 3 technical certificates, so was very in-depth. Within these courses, Sam learned about mechanical maintenance, electrical installation, engineering and design, pneumatic systems and mechanical principles to name but a few. The skills that Sam has acquired in his work and education has enabled him to work on the assembly of many of our valve products, including some of technically advanced double block and bleed and large bore valve solutions used in critical applications worldwide. Sam is now looking forward to progressing on to his HNC.




Chris Briggs has also completed an Apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering which included concepts such as mechanical engineering principles, and computer-aided machining which have enabled Chris to become a valuable member of our Machine Shop, where he works machining valve bodies on some of our most impressive CNC machining technology.






We would like congratulate Jordan Clavin, Sam Wallad, Sam Land and Chris Briggs for this fantastic accomplishment. We would also like to thank you for your hard work and dedication which never goes unnoticed.

We wish you all the very best for the future.